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life requires lots of love, and loving brings life

Sunday, February 27, 2005

mind boggling

So i did go to the Hitzfm birthday bash in Sunway Lagoon. Not too bad, though some parts of the event were a little boring. Oh, I met Ruwina there! Damn that girl, i have not seen her in ages! Up till last night that is. She's a sweetie. Always has been. *drifting off to my secondary school days..*

I like singing accapella style.. *aweembawek aweembawek aweembawek* ;p

Today, i was discussing with a few friends on how powerful our mind actually is. Have you ever wondered why you studied so hard for an examination paper, and right after that paper, you walk out and forget things the that you have studied so hard for? Or when you ask someone for another person's number, and you walk to, lets say a public phone to call them, after you hang up, chances are, you wont remember their number. That is because your brain knows that you don't find all these information relevant enough for you to store it as a long-term memory. Similarly, you only need to remember your significant other's phone number once or twice, and even after a few years, you will still be able to remember it. Your brain only stores the information long enough to be of good use to you, then washes it out. That is how new information is being stored. They replace the old ones.

But thus said, humans only use 10% of their brain. So, what is with all these replacing shyts? I want to use 100% of my brains. It is not there for nothing! Maybe meditation will help. =)

Friday, February 25, 2005

why do we lie for love?

I read an article on msn about "Why do we lie for love?", and it made me wonder. I thought love was all about being honest and being up front about yourself. But in the article, we are dishonest right from the start itself. During our first dates when we dress up in our finest and having dinner at a pretentious restaurant. Just to give a good first impression. We try our best to be at our best behaviour, which means lying about your true self and thus, lying to the person in order to make them like us. The question is, if love is all about loving a person for who he/she is, then why do we still pretend? Why do we pretend to be what we are not, in order to make someone we like, like us back? Ironic don't you think?

The hitz.fm birthday bash is happenning tomorrow and smo's got tickets, but i am not very sure if i want to go or not. Can't fathom why though, just the lack of mood. I think my youth has been sucked away.. Give me back my youth!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


i shit like a chic with a sheep on a ship.

Try saying this in like the speed of 120kmh to someone else and see if they understands it. lol. Just something lame to try out if you're bored. Or maybe cranky. Cheers you up in a heartbeat! =)

As you all already know, Media Puppets came in second in the BlastOff competition. Well, for them being the youngest band and coming in second is already a good achievement. I am proud! hehe.. though i would be prouder if they got 1st. ;p Just kiddin! Eventhough i don't like Frequency Cannon, i think they deserve the Champion title. As fake as kuachee may be, he has good vocals and energy which appeals to the audience. The cute drummer? i must admit, he plays some massive beats! They are after all, an experienced band. MediaPuppets need more experience. This is a stepping stone for them, to gain exposure, a large fan base and, become the hottest band in Malaysia in 5 years time as quoted by Jakeman. Y'all agree? I do.

By the way, i posted up new pictures. Enjoy! ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2005


I am currently feeling really bored now, and since i have not updated in days, i decided i might as well do it now.

The Febuary 14
** This isn't the most romantic valentines day i have had, but definitely the most meaningful one so far. Simple and sweet. Just like this. :)

**Met up with my crazy girls- petrina, manvinder, jolene and azrina in tgifridays for dinner. Our usual place at our usual round table.
**It's the 7th day of Chinese New Year, and as a custom, the hokkiens will pray to the 'Ti-Gong' as the New Year supposedly starts today for them. Well, my family are not hokkiens, but we too succumb to the custom of praying on this day every year. Firecrackers, fireworks, pop-pops could be heard and seen from everyside of my house. Everyone is talking, laughing, drinking and doing all sorts you could be doing during a festival like this. Luckily the policemen didn't turn up, i guess they too were quite unsure where to go as everybody in pj seems to be doing the same. lol. ;)

**Me, reen, lian and jenai have been making posters for the MediaPuppets. So fun! I can't believe the finals is tomorrow, i'm so nervous for them. I really do hope they win. *prays*

Saturday, February 12, 2005

precious friends

Friendship is a special gift
given to us all
The smile of a friend
is sunlight on a cloudy day
and every smile given to a friend
is returned
A friend is
one whom you can talk to, and listen to
without judging
A friend does not ignore your faults
but accepts them as part of you
A friend is
a shoulder to lean on when you need support
a pat on the back when you do well
and a sympathetic ear when you fail
A friend is a person
you can laugh with about anything and everything
you can cry with without shame
and whom you can trust completely
A friend is a partner in life
and a part of you always
and forever
I cannot imagine my life without any of my friends who adds beautiful colours into my life. You know who you are! =) love you babes!
Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!
Enjoy a cocky cock year! (^.<)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

what's going on in the world today?

The world is getting scarrier day by day. Just two days ago, a standard one boy, who was not feeling well, was walking home from school at about 5 in the evening with the company of his older brother, who is in standard 5 by the way, was kidnapped near my house. The next street opposite the field just behind puay chai primary to be exact. That poor little boy, was dragged into the car just like that. But luckily, the kidnappers called his family and asked for RM5000 ransom. This sum may not be alot for some people, but to the little boy's family, it IS alot. They are from a poor family, and the two boys are living with their grandparents while their parents are in East Malaysia earning a living. At least the little boy told his family that the kidnappers are treating him well.

This little boy is lucky, considering that the kidnappers only want money and not his limbs or organs or whatever of his. Not that anyone will ever be considered lucky to be abducted, but to be able to retain your life is considered lucky.

Where is the love?!?~