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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Missing dog

It feels like i just got my first breath of fresh air after the last few days of feeling a little under the weather and cranky. And right now, i'm feeling excited, from i don't know what, thought i am terribly tired and sleepy. Lol. My emotions and mind are all jumbling up together. And i like this feeling.

However, this feeling only comes in when i'm not thinking about my dog.

My darling Oscar ran away from home on Sunday and has not been back since. We gave him whatever he wanted, my grandma's buys chicken liver and gizzards for him from the market just because he loves it. He eats his food daily added with brown sugar to make his fur look nice. We loved him just like he was our brother/son/grandson. And he never failed to amuse us with his cheeky and somewhat silly antics.

And now, when he's all chubby and handsome... he runs away.

Usually when he runs out to roam the streets, he usually comes home a few hours later or even minutes later. Even when it's late and night and no one can open the door for him, he'll just sleep at the gate till my grandma or maid wakes up at 530am. The last time he ran away for more than 24hrs, a good samaritan took him (he was found roaming across the main road) and actually went to MBPJ to find out where he came from, and called us. Lucky boy.

I drove around ss2 and cheow yang looking for him, but to no avail. Let's just hope that his karma is good enough for him to find his way home again.

My house is now so quiet.. No one to disturb anymore.

Stupid dog. Always running away. =(

If anyone finds him wandering the streets aimlessly, please let me know.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Dearest daddy,

I know i have not been as good a daughter as i possibly can be. However, please do know that i am constantly trying my best and being not only the best daughter but the best person that you have taught me to be.

We have grown to be much closer in this past year, and i truly enjoy my time spent with you, be it driving to and fro from work or just joking around at home. Sometimes, i look at you and i dont want to grow up. For i want to always be your little girl. The one who runs to your lap whenever you sit, and be carried by you to my room everytime i fall asleep in the car.

Though i know that, grow up i must. I promise to appreciate what you do for us more. And i promise to listen to your advice and lectures, for i know you only want what's best for me.

Thanks dad! For being the best father anyone could ever hope for. :)

Dad with my youngest cousin, cher yenn.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy 21st Lilian!

Hope you'll enjoy your 21st like it's ur sweet sixteen... or the other way around. ;p
You will always be our bitchy princess.
Love you babe!

p/s: can fit ar? heheh


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Whiny #3

One week to do an assignment that requires research and review.

One week- it was given on friday and until now, i don't even know where is it moving towards. How la?

Anyone know anything about Taylor's Scientific Management Theory?


It sucks when you know you don't have enough time to do your work and yet, your mind and body refuses to coorporate. Like now. I'm clicking away at solitaire with my work spreaded out in front of me. Unfinished. bahhhhh!

I foresee it to be spring time for my face starting from now. :(

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back to Books!

First week of class have since come and gone, and as expected, assignments are all thrown to us by the lecturers. Thankfully, i still have the motivation in me to actually want to do it, do my tutorial work and do some research. I want to.. just not actually doing it yet. Procrastination is a powerful devil..

I am trying to do as much right now albeit none of it being productive, to resist plomping into bed wandering off to somewhere else. Slumber hasn't been coming to me easily this few nights. Since the first day of class i should say, which is actually a week and a half ago.. My body and head feels super tired, but when i close my eyes readying myself for sleep, my mind continues to be active, thoughts wandering everywhere, conversations with myself will ensue fiercely, and all i end up with instead of a deep rejuvenating slumber, is a strained head. -_-

And i have classes at 8am everyday except for today which starts at 930am. Not much difference le.

How la to be fresh for class like that? hehe.. but i've been a good girl by going to every single lecture and tutorial! Not only that, my notes are all written with extra information that only comes from listening in class.

I will persevere! and keep up this good behaviour of mine. haha

I cannot seem to run away from this secretary position can i? From personal assistant cum secretary cum pr executive cum pr manager during my internship to secretary for the upcoming 'personal safety campaign'?

Can i be a sexetary instead?? ;p