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life requires lots of love, and loving brings life

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Been gambling quite alot for the past few days and sadly i only won about 10 bucks. How pathetic is that? Just came back from visiting jen ai. Her tummy getting larger by the day, and she said that the baby has been kicking her non-stop. How cute! She's getting very house-wife like, when we reached there, she was playing mah-jong with her dad and her husband. Never before have i seen her like that. She's always the wild chick smoking, joking, laughing. She changed so much! Quieter.
I'm waiting for my classmates to come over to my place. They said they're coming in 30 minutes time and so far it's been an hour. What are they doing? Can't wait to see all of them again!
I'll be going over to my boys place tonight to collect my much awaited ang pao, =p then head over to khai yeings house for another gambling session. Yeah!! Hope i'll win alot more tonight!

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Happy Chinese New Year pEeps!

This years chinese new year doesn't really have the festive feel, like it used to have. I've always been a part of a loud and crowded chinese new year, but this year seems different and i'm not quite used to it. Ang paos are somehow less too. What is this? Visited my great-grandma and my dad said something prior to that, that got me thinking. Every year spent with my great-grandma is a bonus for us, as she is already 90 years of age, so it won't be long till we have to spend chinese new years without her. This really made me appreciate everything and everyone around me more. Sometimes, we all need a little bit of reminding to make us realise that nothing is permanant and to appreciate everything and everyone around us. Coz you will never know when is the last time.

Played fireworks in kota damansara last night. They got this really big mean ones, like the ones you see during celebrations. Really cool! We were like blasting the whole neighborhood there. Thank god, the cops didn't show up.

Oh yea, i just found out from the people working in my shop that my shop is haunted. Freaky sial! Long story, will type it out when i'm free. Till then, happy chinese new year to all of you again! =) *hUgz!*

Friday, January 09, 2004

Happy New Year PeEps!
Spent new years eve in genting with my boy and friends. Didn't really enjoy the new year celebration though as i was down with a fever on that night itself, and my boy had to take care of me the whole night..sweet. =) Another year has passed. Thinking back on 2003, it is full of turmoil, tears and best yet, laughters and joys. Remembering my times in class, talking cocks, playing with jen hai's phone (remember dia? =p), having our class outings, having canteen session with my girlfriends, so-called qm duties, and so on. This is one great happening year! Boy, am i gonna miss it.

I found a job in one utama, in a shop called dc tribe. Just started work on sunday. Quite a tiring job though, as they have a storeroom on a higher platform which requires us to climb up this metal ladder to get the shoes. Imagine holding a box of shoes in one hand and climbing down the ladder with the other hand. Not an easy thing to do. As i'm the only girl there, all the foldings of clothes are handed to me. I have never folded so many clothes in my entire life! The work i've done there for the past few days are more than the work i've done in my entire lifetime! Crazy! I don't know why i put myself through this. The main purpose i'm working is just to past time, as i will be free for so many months, but who was i to know that it would be this tiring! But it can be quite relaxed at times. When i'm free, i can just sit in the counter and read magazines. It can be pretty boring too, when i've run out of magazines to read and when there aren't any customers. Dogs life.

Heading down to bangsar tonight, coz rabin and deven are going back to australia, and i'm running out of cash. Ooh..if only drinks are gonna be on them. i better keep my fingers crossed! =p Everybody's going everywhere, in all directions! How i wish i could go somewhere too, anywhere is better than stupid UM. damn! My life is really going down the drain..