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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Giong Hee Huat Zhai!

Finally, the internet connection is up and running again!

First up, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

This year's a quiet one. No maternal grandma and big family gatherings and gambling sessions.. I'm still getting use to the fact that she's not around anymore. Sometimes, in the midst of going about my daily activities, i catch a glimpse of her in my mind. How she would fit in in that situation and context. And how she used to laugh and gossip about us grandkids to my other grandmother while looking at us fooling around in her house.

I miss that.

But the ironic thing is that we weren't very close to my maternal grandmother as compared to my paternal grandma, and while her passing made such a big impact on our lives and emotions, imagine how would we be like if it were my paternal grandma?

Sigh, it's CNY and it's supposed to be all wow wee and red and happy, and here i go with my bouts of rantings and emo-ness. Sorry folks.

Anyway, on to a lighter note.. remember all the other rantings about me eating non stop like a pig on heat? Well, I finally got around to weigh myself.....

The verdict? I put on 5 kg, which is about 12 pounds. All in a span of 2 months. Power leh... So before this i was a svelte 45 kg lady, and now i've hit the 50 mark. God help me.

HAha, no la. I don't really care la. As long as i've got things to fill up can edi. Lol. :p However, i aint wanna be sporting no muffin top aight!

Won't be long till my wallet can put on as much weight as me! Yay! :)

Sigh, i miss my porpor.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

my 5th week

Gosh, I'm losing track of time. I have to keep checking the calendar to see what date it is and constantly remind myself of what day is it. I really have no bloody clue what i'm doing.

Sigh, before newer events come crawling, i better post this up! Don't wanna be a bad friend no more. Me no bad fwen ya! :)

Happy 21st darlings!!

May you both be blessed with abundance of joy as you embark on a new journey as an adult. A legal one. ;p I am so thankful that i can call you both my friends, and even more thankful that i can call you my girls.

Their party on friday 9 feb:-

Keep rocking.

Happy 22nd YookHwa and Zee! :) Sorry for the belated wish.. however i hope you both had a smashing birthday! See you soon.

In other news, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. And i just realised it today that this is the first time that i am not feeling it. Not even a 'WEee...! What am i gonna be doing' kind of feeling. Nada!

But it's ok. I'm at the stage in my relationship where Vday is not THE day.

For us, EVERYday is Vday! :) Why spend only one day appreciating and reciprocating your feelings when you can do it everyday. And it's cheaper too! Hehe. But that doesn't mean i'm not into some romancing and sugary sweetness.

That said,

Any plans? :p