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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

nice cabbies and naked sims

In my opinion, i feel that chinese cab drivers (aged between 45 to 65 years) are the nicest cab drivers on earth. Okay, in Malaysia. After so long of not riding in a cab, i called one to get me to uni. For those who've heard my singing steering, it has finally screamed and moaned for help. So in goes my car to the hospital. The first thing i got when i climbed into the cab was a nice warm "good morning!". I was stunned, yet very much happy, because this simple greeting made my day. Knowing me and my indesiciveness as to which road my Uni was located didn't even tense up a single frown muscle in his face. This is what i call, nice! Or rather, professional.

I have been pretty hooked onto The Sims. Again. Thanks to simon who had bought the Sims 2 initially, and showed me all the really cool stuff in there. But sadly, Sims 2 lagged like crazy. So we ended up playing the old Sims, and installing all sorts of expansions sets. We even made our very own millionaire family. lol. And the best part of playing with an IT student is, they know how to take away all sorts of useless things, like the nude patch. ;) Now, everytime the Sims bathe, we get to see an ungodly sight of a bush. Not what i expected. And the maid? Oh boy. Haha.. the maids are all working topless! Full frontal topless. It's crazy. Well, at least now i know what i am going to do to pass my time during my 3 months break! Yippee-ai-yay!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

An ode to my girls

So many things have happened in the past one year that has made things different for all of us. Things that we have no control over, and even things that we have control over. It could be because of this, that distance grows silently between us. Distance that grows as a tumor in our friendship that we so longingly want to cure, but just don't know how. As we were so used to seeing each other everyday in high school, talking to each other everyday, that a change in environment and timetable leaves a hole in our friendship. I personally feel that this distance that we feel is just a phase that best friends of long will have to go through to discover a whole new stage of friendship. It is like couple-hood. These stages are designed for each to grow and mature. Sometimes, we just have to keep an open and positive mind.

My girls, i know this has always been said among us, and yet somehow, it still sounds hollow. But i want to assure each and everyone of you that, my love for all of you, is strong. Like i said, this is just a phase and we will pass it. ;) I'm sorry if i had not been there as much. You girls are always in my prayers and i always hope the best for each and everyone of you. Anyway, this is just something for all of you.

For all the times i've not been there
I'm sorry, I want to say
We are growing up, facing different directions
But no matter the distance, our bond will always stay
There's no replacing the times we've been through together
So many stories, all the laughter and the tears
It takes time to build strong friendships
Don't worry my girls, we have nothing to fear
From puberty to womanhood
We'll go through it all
And together we will face it
With a bond stronger than all
Even if our dreams may still seem far away
Even until we're gone
Our friendship can never be replaced
The road between us will never be long


Lots of love to my girls, reen, lian, yeing, ai, liann, ann.
muah muah muah. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

happy and tired

Last night was a blast! Spending time with my girls and my baby is simply fulfilling. You guys rock my world! ;p Jenai, i hope you enjoyed your party!

the hot bday mama and her husband

7 of us

spastics are us! ;)

My head feels super strenuous right now. It all started when i walked under the rain to get to my car from the uni. Ever since then, my head has been giving me problems. Argh.. Well, for today, i guess it could also be due to the fact that i slept very little last night. It's been a while since i've slept so late. I've always been one who takes my sleeping time very seriously. Early to bed, early to rise. That's why i cannot sleep past 12pm, no matter how late i slept the night before.

Oh my gosh, i feel like turning in to bed right now..

But i cant! I have to focus!!! I have to study for my midterm tomorrow. I keep wishing how nice it'll be if i were still in pre-u. I need not worry about my cgpa or aiming for a first-class honours(big dreams baby). I have to constantly remind myself that i am in Uni right now, and this is my last chance in doing well. This can be deemed as kiasu-ism or whatever, i don't care. All i care about is a future of my own that i'm working towards. *chants* focus..focus..focus....

Friday, July 15, 2005

Happy Bday MummyAi!

May you have a wonderful and exciting year waiting ahead of you! Enjoy your last year as a TEEN! haha. ;) muah! love ya babe! :)

Monday, July 11, 2005

monday blues

Mondays are never nice until recently. My class starts at 11 every monday, which means i get to sleep in till 10.30 on monday mornings! Then my day would glide smoothly on with classes till 3.30, and i would get to end my monday with simon. Ahh, bliss. Today however, i had to go to uni for a homework discussion thing, to create a mock newsletter for my mass comm tutorial. The thing about going to uni so early on mondays is that, there will not be any parking spaces within 10meters from uni. With cars stingily parked together, i found myself a nice spot behind this car and double parked behind him. Like any other considerate human being, i left my contact number on my dashboard in case the owner of the car needs to get out.

The best part was, while walking towards my uni, i realised that i've left my handphone at home. Then in my head, while rushing, i reasoned.

Voice1: Omg, what if that person really needs to get out? How??
Voice2: I dunno.. But it's only 9.30, maybe the owner's working and will only be out for lunch. Aiya, i'll only be here for an hour or so.
Voice1: Yea hor. What are the odds?

Next thing i knew, peixzan came looking for me in the reading room.
"Lynn, everyone's looking for you!! You're blocking people's car!"

I walked, no i ran out, and being a normal human being, i apologised.
"Sorry sorry sorry!"
I expected them to be a gentlemen and grumble a little about wasted time. But no...


Come on man, i know it's my fault but do you want to hear an explanation on why this morning, certain part of my brain didn't process fast enough to remind me about my handphone? I'm only human. At least, i left a number which gave you some hope. So there i was standing, and he was shouting on and on about his phone bill. Ignoring him, i got into my car and drove off. When i came home, my mum told me, that when she answered my phone, he scolded her as well. He's only resort was to threaten.
Man:"If she doesn't come on now, i'll smash the windows!!"
Mum:"Go ahead and I'll make a police report."
*click* she hangs up. lol.
My mom is cool. :)

Then we came to the conclusion that, i should have asked him how much he wants since he's harping on his phone bill, and gave him 5 ringgit or something. But what's the point eh? Why stoop down to his crude level?

My brain's seriously not functioning well today. I can't think straight. I had to make a u-turn home from the orthodontist because i forgot my money. On a brighter note, i took out my stuck-onto-my-teeth retainers today! It feels so smooth and clean, although my gum feels raw and hurts a little. Also, i brought back the molds of my teeth. The before and the after. My mom wants to use them to teach english. Haha. Don't know how that'll work.

Simon is currently laden with assignments, and with his finals looming up ahead, i guess he'll be a busy busy boy this week. You'll do well baby! ;)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

life's goals

I Do I Do is hilarious! A for Ang-Mo-Tan (rambutan), B for Buah Duku, and C for C-kway (watermelon). lol.. Films from our country's neighbor never fails to keep me entertained.

One of my classmate wrote this beautiful poem for his one minute speech that left everyone in class at awe.

Life's Goals by Wilson Tan
I've dreamt many dreams that never came true
I've seen them vanish at dawn
But I've realised enough of my dreams, thank god
To make me want to dream on
I've prayed many prayers when no answer came
I've waited patiently and long
But answers have come in enough of my prayers
To make me keep praying on
I've trusted many friends who failed
And left me to weep alone
But I've found enough of my friends through blues
To make me keep trusting on
I've drained the cup of disappointment and pain
I've gone many days without songs
But I've sipped enough nectar from the roses of life
To make me want to live on
Life is like a garden in which we plant our flowers
The roses of affection that bloom in summer hours
The seeds of sweet remembrance of hope, joy and love
You cannot change the past, but you can ruin a good present by worrying about the future

Beautiful aint it?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Perfect perfect

I have started reading this Singaporean girl's blog, and what was interesting to me was that, her life seems really perfect. Firstly, she's gorgeous (typically), has a family full of money, a perfect boyfriend whom abides to everything she wants, is smart and is on the dean's list, and has a whole bunch of friends.

Then it got me thinking, and made me compare my life with hers (well, i'm sure everyone will compare their own lives with one whose life seems perfect). I may not be filthy rich, but i am still very happy with the way my life is. I rate fairly on the attractive scale, am part of a loving family, have a wonderful boyfriend, and not forgetting, a good bunch of friends. Though i am not in the dean's list, and probably never will (haha.), i am working on it and doing the best i can.

There's no need for me to feel that my life can only be perfect if i had this or that, well..maybe i do sometimes, who doesn't? There will always be ups and downs in all lives, no matter what you have or own, nothing will seem enough. But being perfect is just a state of mind. All through my life, i have always held an optimistic attitude towards everything that i face, taking everything as a blessing in disguise. It's not easy, yes. But no matter what, my life will always be full of the sweet and the bitter. It's the way i see it, that matters. With my family, simon, my friends by my side, and a future i'm working towards, i can proudly say that my life is perfect. :)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

my weekend

Over the weekend, i have watched yet two more movies. War of the World and House of Wax. WotW was nice and entertaining. HoW? Kinda crappy if you ask me. Lol. But nonetheless, it did provide entertainment. :)

Simon and I went up to Genting yesterday for a days' trip. Very fruitful that trip, i must say. Went to the Ripleys thing, omg. It was heaven for simon. Haha. I almost had to pull him out from there. Other than that, we spent our day walking around and just pampering ourselves in each other's company. Our day can be viewed here.

I never knew that a one day's trip can be so much fun. But i guess it all depends on the company that you're with eh? ;)

I'm having touble stringing words into sentences. Will write more when my mojo-baybee returns.

In the meantime, here's a sneak preview ~