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Monday, October 29, 2007

wasting my time away

To whomever that introduced me to crunchyroll (yonglilian), thank you. Because now i spend every waking hour in front of the computer watching edgeoftheseat-heartwrenching dramas, neglecting my very VERY important individual Final Year Project and other various assignments.

Now that i have ample time on my hands aka bf is away, i should be able to do more extensive researches and finish my work on time. But no... it's already the 3rd week of my semester and i have utterly zilch clue on what is going on. Apart from my assigment due dates and campaign date. How la like that.

My cgpa is already on the verge of falling into 2nd upper. Cannot! I have to maintain 1st so that if i decide to pursue masters across the causeway, my cert shines better. Albeit the zero co-corricullar activities in uni. At least i had a life saving cert from my pre u for swimming. :)

Never mind that.

It was so refreshing to go away for the weekend with the girls. To yak and draw each others faces with eyeliner and blusher. To think that this will kind of be the last time we will be doing such things together for a long long time is saddening. We're all growing up so fast and some of us are already preparing for the working world.

When will be the next time we 'uglify' each other again? Lol. It was a humbling experience. To know that we could be so ugly. Hahaha.

Friday, October 26, 2007


So much has happened since my last post. heh. For one, i have stabled, emotionally, and my results were released! And i must say, i did pretty well, way much better than i expected.

Apart from these, the planning for an all girls quickie trip has finally become a reality. Although it isn't with all of us, but it's alright. :) We'll be heading down south in less than a few hours.

On a sadder note, i've fallen sick. Fever/sorethroat/cough/flu, all at one go. I think it's because of all the emo-thoughts about me being sick in a hospital and who will visit me etc. Haha. No, i'm serious.


But i have to convince myself that i'm okay! That i'm all fit and healthy to travel. Oh please, let all that snakegrass/peipagou/saltwater/apple/strepsil work!

Anyway, last weekend, all of us family members as well as 11 tables of close friends and relatives gathered at the Maple room of One World hotel to celebrate my grandmother's grand 70th birthday celebration. All in all, it was a great event. Lots of laughter and love going around. I'm glad we did organise this celebration for my grandmother as she really really do deserve the best!

Pictures from that night will be up after my dad comes back from Vietnam with the camera. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

fuck it

I'm submerged in so many emotions right now that i just feel like crawling into a black hole and lay there indefinitely.

Can't pinpoint the exact source for this emotion outburst, could be estrogen, could be LDR, could be the stress of planning my grandma's bday bash, and everything else.

I think i am not adjusting well to LDR. :(

I am a very private person by nature as most of my friends will know and it takes a long looonnng time before i open myself up to people. And i am quite insecure relationship wise, which stems from the hurt and betrayal that i've gone thru in my past relationships.

These are the things i'm working on, building up and maintaining my trust for trusting people. It's tough. But i've not given up on trusting.

Don't misunderstand me, i DO trust simon. After four years, i know what type of person he is, and i know what he believes in. And i know clearly how he feels about me and our future.

So what's the problem? I don't know. Me i guess. I'm a needy bitch that needs attention 24/7. I told simon once early on in our relationship that he's smothering me with too much attention that i can't breathe. And now, all i want is that exact attention. Sigh

Combined with the last minute stress of everything else and my lady moment, you get a very depressed, emotional me.

And all i want is just a simple thing.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

new baby!

Introducing the birthday present from me to myself!
Nokia 7390.
It's so pretty rite?!? What i've wanted ever since i saw it. :)

And the first picture taken with my new baby-
is of course with my other baby. Lol

Those who know me well, knows that i've never been so enthusiastic or obsessed with wanting to buy something other than clothes. Even clothes also i'm not so dilligently obsessed. This one was different. I shocked myself too. But all for the greater good la. hehehe

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me is back for school.. :(

I'm finally back! And simon is over the other side of the bridge.. :(

Sigh, LDR.

Ok, no emo-ing!

So i got a birthday present from me to ME! It's something that i've liked for quite a while and yet have been stinging on getting it. I finally got it in spore and the euphoria took away all the heavy heartedness of LDR! Yay!

Ish.. stupid blogger. Can't upload any pictures at all. *grumblegrumblecursecursegrumblegrumble*

Later la.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

greetings from across the causeway

I'm trying so darn hard to resist the temptation of buying everything i like here in singapore.

So far, i've given in to only an eyelet black and white top. Very very verrryyyy obedient and disciplined of me. :) Although i am still contemplating on getting that pair of skinnies. .

And since the connection here is so much better, a few pictures from bangkok la. Didn't put the rest into my pendrive, only those with us in it. ;p

On our only tuktuk ride. (not trustworthy wey. One took us to some ulu place and then told us he didn't know how to get to our guesthouse. tsktsk)
At SuanLum night bazaar.
Waiting for a cab in front of Siam Paragon
At the airport. heh

No pictures of us shopping or massaging or eating.. erm, i think i have some pictures of us eating by the street but it's not with me now. Verdict = taking pictures didn't stand a chance man.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

off i go again

It's been a few days, and the connection isn't any better. Haih. Dunno what to say already la.


So anyway :) , after spending the whole week assisting the boy in buying all his things for spore, we'll be going tomorrow to have some fun! haha.. me at least. He'll have to settle all his things with the college, find a place to stay, and become a student again.

Class is starting next week and i am not getting enough of the holidays man. Semester breaks are getting shorter and shorter. :(

"Study as much as you can while your parents still can support you." ;p

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Recap of Bkk 07 ;p

Hello hello, i've been back for almost a week now and i've not even uploaded my pictures. Bad me.

Bkk was great! Although the weather was scorching hot and every market you go to, people are all drenched (me & simon included) to their butts and their soles and are rubbing against each other like some water party or something, the shopping was insane! I already spent more than half of my budget before the second day was over and had to change more munny to bomb. I don't know how you and carol did it chzehong, rm1.5k for 2 person is damn good. Come departure time, I came back with not a single thai baht note on me. Spent the remaining bahts at the airport. Haha.. Airport pun tak lepas.

All in all, i went there with one intention, to shop and shop till i drop. And that i did!

As for the promise that my bag will not be empty when i come back, weee... i fulfilled that as well. haha..

So the total damage done? Not much la.. but ok for 3 days of shopping:
~ 11 tops, 12 shirts, 8 dresses, 4 bottoms, 3 cardigans , 4 pairs of shoes, a pair of slipper, 3 bags, and 3 sets of lingeries.

We didn't take much pictures there as our minds were lost amidst all the clothes. We did say we wanted to chill on the 3rd day and just go around take some pictures and enjoy. Enjoy we did! Just not with the cameras. hehe.

Urgh, my internet connection is being a bitch! Will upload the few photos when the line gets better ya. :)